Monday,21 January,2019
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What do we do at

We inspire and give happiness!

Giving our readers and viewers an insight of how beautiful life is, is our main commitment. Seeing how beautiful life is, is an apparent element of a happy life and we affirms that happiness and inspiration is a nourishment for both mind and body. As our human body demands nourishment to function without troubles, our  mind needs an everyday dosage of happiness and inspiration to effortlessly work. So it is indisputable that living a happy life requires us inspiration and happiness.

Inspirations and happiness can be of anything. Be it funny or beautiful pictures, an inspirational or cute or hilarious video, or anything that ignites burning desires to live and be happy with our lives– Those inspiring, motivational, hilarious materials that gives us hope, inspiration and happiness,  we post it here in will only post videos and pictures that will give us a perspective to what a beautiful life is. Those media will inspire us to achieve our complete capability to overcome problems , reach out for our goals and will satisfy us for our thirst for happiness. Because life is not just breathing and survival, it’s about having a happy life, a life worth living. So appreciate every moment of it, enjoy and let us be your partner in every walk of life. We will bring smile, tears of joy, inspirations to everyone. So happy face everyone, smile and say– Wattalyf :)


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