Monday,21 January,2019
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India’s Astounding Tree Bridges Are Made of Living Vines and Roots!

When we think of bridges, steel and concrete arches and durable building materials such as brick, timber and cast iron comes into our mind. As we go back to the traditional employing materials for bridges, [...]

Will He Be Able To Escape Outside With That Precious Carrot? Watch The Video And Find Out

Our canine friends have always been thought of as loyal, highly trainable, and gifted but not necessarily that smart. They can do remarkable things but sometimes like humans, they are clumsy. Yes, they can be [...]

This Road That Reaches The Top Of The Mountain Will Surely Get Your Heart Racing

You will never have a sense of adventure if you have acrophobia or extreme fear of heights. This phobia will probably hinder you to travel and see different breath-taking places from remote areas around the [...]

Insane Free Climbers Took The Hardest Route In The World

Adventurous people are those who are not afraid of doing anything for the sake of thrill and experience. They are brave enough to conquer their fears and the risks of adventures. Well, those individuals are [...]

This Awesome Capsule Combines Jet Ski And Yacht For More Comfortable Use

I’m sure that when you are thinking about hitting the open seas in a luxurious style, the first thing that comes to your mind is riding a yacht. However, rich people exactly know how difficult [...]

This Insane Water Slide Is Every Thrill Seeker’s Dream

I’m sure you have already seen a lot of water slides on parks and you might have even tried it. Today, those boring slides are already out because there are already a lot of heart-pumping [...]

BASE Jumpers Race To The Top Of An Abandoned Building To See Who Can Jump First

Adventure lovers would not mind risking their precious lives to do something they really want. They are brave and confident enough that nothing bad will happen to them after doing a stunt. Personally, I admire [...]

Sky Bike Lets Tourists Explore The Rainforest From Above

South America is not only the home  to exotic animals but it is also a home to breathtaking rainforests. In fact, South America’s forest are famous in the world for its beauty and biodiversity with abundant bird life [...]

First Snowboarder Being Towed By A Commercial Plane Reaches 78mph

During winter season, we can see snowboarders doing tricks and stunts on slopes. But I bet, none of you have already watched a snowboarder being towed by a commercial plane. Of course, because it happened [...]

Man Enters Dark Building And Climbs To The Top Of Crane To See The Awesome View

James Kingston, a professional adventurer, has been famous for climbing tallest towers in the world. He believes that a city or place looks more beautiful when you see it from above. The view, which looks [...]