Monday,21 January,2019
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The struggle between a stick figure and its creator, a computer animator.

You would get engrossed by looking at this video. When you watch this video, you will finally say to yourself that this is one of the many things that can be linked to technology and [...]

When We Focus On Our Neighbor’s Hunger, We Discover There Are Ways To Feed Everyone.

Each of us has a mission on earth. Our mission is not just to thrive on earth full of challenges and catastrophes but we are here to become a steward of life by helping our [...]

Try not to laugh at this video.

This is the ultimate try not to laugh test video. Compose yourself. Think of each word and picture that will be flashed on this video. Control yourself not to laugh. Let us see if you [...]

Watch this video and ask yourself: Who would not be addicted to these games? Totally awesome!

We are dominated by the fast-changing shift of modernization. Aside from spoiling us with information, technology has brought the world into something unimaginable. We continuously grow in terms of our connections to the different parts [...]

This is a touching story. A flightless bird dreaming to fly like other birds…

Some dreams are actually worth dying for. As we grow in this world, we form our dreams and make them a reality. Sometimes we dream of the impossible but there are also dreams that are [...]

The ultimate showdown between rabbit and magician

We can never go wrong with this Pixar’s 5 minute short film that certainly gives the viewers a good laugh. Even without the words, the film came out brilliantly which induces more laughs, laughs and [...]