Monday,21 January,2019
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Mosaics Made From Insects and Fish? These Fish And Insect Artwork Will Surely Mesmerize You

Nature can seem chaotic and messy but for Christopher Marley, the author of the book “Biophilia”, the world is full of beautiful and intricate things that can be put to order, cleanliness, and composition. “A [...]

His Brilliant Imagination In Doing Spray Paint Art Will Really Impress You!

We heard about so many artists gifted with incredible skills in doing hand-drawn works and art crafts. And we wonder how they do such amazing things using only pen, pencils, and paints. Well, I believe [...]

This May Look Like A Real Coca-Cola Bottle, But Take A Closer Look And You’ll Be Amazed

To be able to draw or paint is already a great blessing. Not anyone is an artist by birth, some worked hard for it and took a lot of effort. With so many artists today, [...]

Learning How To Draw Bubble Letters In Easy Graffiti Style Lettering Will Give You Satisfying End Result

Have you tried writing your name on notebooks using bubble letters? Or have you tried writing birthday cards using these happy letters? How did it turned out to be? It’s expressive and fun, right? Well, [...]

Want To Stand Out This Christmas? Try This Ribbon Christmas Tree Braid Hairstyle

We love to learn everything we can especially about the fastest growing tissue in our body—the hair. We look for trendy hairstyles and everything we should know about hairstyles. And in every event that we [...]

Real Tips: Do’s and Dont’s Of Foundation Application

One formula in transforming our skin is by using foundations. We all know the usefulness of foundation in beautifying our skin especially our face. It is now part of our skin care treatment that serves [...]

You Can Actually Turn Your Old Furniture Into A New Canine Majesty Bed Your Dog Will Surely Love. Watch This

Dogs even they were furry animals may still feel the cold like you do. They also need warm, comfortable space and bed where they could get good sleep, relax when tired, and provide them with [...]

Know What Tattoo You Should Get Based On Your Zodiac Sign And Find Out What It Says About You

Small and subtle tattoos are very trendy today. It’s cute and it won’t make you look like a bad person (But well, tattoo is just an art). If you want to get a nice tattoo [...]

Quickly Get Bored With Plain Shoes? Time For A Makeover Using This Well Known Craft Supplies In Existence: Mod Podge!

There are some times that we get bored looking at our plain t-shirts, pants, skirts, and shoes. What we usually do is experiment our things. We feel encourage to experiment most especially with our clothes. [...]

Pay A Price For Beauty: Learn The Power Of Makeup

Makeup is an art. It is a way to express one’s self. One thing it can do is to correct the things that we cannot always correct on our own. We really need confidence once [...]