Monday,21 January,2019
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This scientific study by the USGS will definitely change the way you look at your own poop.

I know the headline is a bit funny so I’ll go straight at it– There Is Gold In Your Crap! or your poop… or your… You get what I mean. Literally. And scientists are establishing [...]

Unusual Facts About Your Body That Will Make You Feel Weird

How much do you actually know about your own body? Do you know that when looked upon close, your body is slightly disturbing? 1. When you blush, your stomach lining also reddens. 2. Our stomach [...]

Villagers In Aklan, Philippines Allegedly Spotted A “Manananggal” Creature

Philippines is not only a home for beautiful places, hospitable people and good food. But, the country is also a home for folk tales that have fascinated the Filipinos and even the foreign people. You [...]

Mysterious: Woman In The Philippines Allegedly Gave Birth To A Snake

For the past years, there are already a lot of stories that have puzzled our minds. There are claims that seems to be true, but has no scientific explanations. Yet, we are fascinated on how [...]

World’s Biggest Family: Man Has 39 Wives, 94 Children And 33 Grandchildren

Having 10 children is already difficult, but what more if you have 94? While it sounds impossible to have that number of children, one man in India has actually 94 children with different wives. Many [...]

4 Incredible Things About Your Hair That You Probably Never Heard Of

Our hair may seemed like for appearance purposes only, but it has also other purposes. Hair protects our body from dirt though we can’t see it and it also warms us when we feel cold. [...]

Is Chupacabra Real? Does It Really Exist? Find Out The Mystery Behind It

An alleged chupacabra which was captured in Malaysia is currently making rounds online. Initially, it was reported to have been found in the Philippines and was claimed to be the so-called “sigbin,” a local version [...]

Unexplainable Solar Event Happens In The Philippines: Sun Dances And Moves In Different Ways

We can’t stop ourselves from questioning and pondering on the many things and mysteries around us. Supernatural and rare phenomenon happened in our world today and we can’t help but be in awe. Indeed, our [...]

This Girl Has X-Ray Eyes That Allows Her To See Everything Inside People’s Body. Unbelievable!

We heard about the story of a man who doesn’t sleep, a man with incredible brain, a famous contortionist, most flexible man, and many other stories. Last time, I read an article about an incredible [...]

This Cemetery Located In The Middle Of Two Streets Is Among The Weirdest In The World

Familia Luzuriaga Cemetery is no longer an unusual spot for the people who are living in Bacolod City, Philippines. But for the tourists, they would find the cemetery a bizarre location. This private cemetery is actually [...]