Monday,21 January,2019
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You Can Actually Turn Your Hanger Into A Nifty Hanger Wardrobe Organizer Like This

Everyone desires to have a clutter-free lifestyle. That is why we make different wardrobe organizers to put our various stuffs and get organized. When we need something, we can easily locate it because we know [...]

Senator’s Cellphone Plays “Let It Go” During The Senate Hearing

Apparently, Frozen fever is not yet over. More than a year have already passed since the Disney movie was released, but it seems that people were still hooked in the film. Not only the film [...]

Basketball Player Has An Embarrassing And Hilarious Moment At Press Conference

Being in front of the camera can be really flattering. However, you have to be careful with your actions or words because everything you do is being recorded. And in one mistake, you could be [...]

News Anchor Caught Ordering In The Drive-Thru During Traffic Report

Working for news networks is not that easy especially when you are one of the anchors. You have to deal with hard situations just to report about what is currently happening. They have to bring [...]

6 Elevator Pranks that are Insanely Funny

So far, this is the best in making us laugh. The video will make us laugh from the very beginning up to the end. When you want to get a good laugh at the start [...]

This flutist played so well, you wont believe what landed on her face.

[mashshare] This is certainly a beautiful occurrence happened to this flutist. While she was playing her flute, a wonderful butterfly has landed on her face, and joined her in producing a soothing music that captivates [...]

But Opps! What happens is unpredictable. He is thrown with a prosthetic leg while performing on stage!

Who is Robbie Williams? For those who have not known him, Robert Peter “Robbie” Williams was born on February 1974. He is an English singer-songwriter, and occasional actor. He is a member of the pop [...]

Sailboat Islander 30– overbalanced, collapsed then plunged into solid pavement. Ouch!

What were they thinking when they boarded the Islander 30? Why didn’t they considering handling the boat with utmost care? Well, boarding a boat like this seems so easy especially when manpower is at work. [...]

Oh my, Dora became an action star! This is way nothing like the cartoon.

How about seeing your favorite cartoon character, Dora the Explorer in real life? Are you ready to see Dora this summer as she will take you to the big screen? Played by Ariel Winter, this [...]

Watch how she reacts to her flu shot. Hilarious.

Are you familiar with this, aren’t you? This is actually a video that would remind you of your fear, of your childhood, and of the times that you got sick. Your parents were to the [...]