Monday,21 January,2019
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He Nailed It! This Young Kiddo Have A Blast As He Dances To AronChupa’s “I’m An Albatraoz”

They say, a child introduced to dance at an early age will likely to develop a love of the arts and a passion for rhythm and movement. That is why many parents nowadays enroll their [...]

These Young Children Will Drop Your Jaw With Their Amazing Dancesport Moves

Dancesport is really one of the best dancing styles and very exciting to watch. It’s lively, full of energy, and passion which you can really see from the dancers. There are a lot of adults [...]

This Talented Little Girl Unbelievably Dances Like An Adult

With countless of viral videos of performing kids, it’s no doubt that children nowadays are really talented. Today, kids don’t only have cute faces, but they also have skills that can amaze us. Sometimes, they can [...]

These Old Men’s Performance On Britain’s Got Talent Semis Is Definitely Entertaining

  When an act passed the auditions of “Britain’s Got Talent,” then the performer is really impressive. But when it made to the semi-finals, there is something about the competitor that everyone must witness. So [...]

These Guys’ Dance Cover Of “Crazy In Love” Is Absolutely Epic

Doing a Beyoncé dance cover is not easy for we know that the pop superstar has a really great talent when it comes to dancing. But if you are determined to do so, you can [...]

This Golden Buzzer Dance Troupe Left The Judges Incredibly Impressed

In any talent show television format “Got Talent,” an act must be amazing to be able to get the approval of all-four judges. But for them to get the Golden Buzzer, their performance must be [...]

This Contemporary Dancer On Asia’s Got Talent Does An Impressive Passionate Routine

One must be professionally trained  and skilled to be able to perform a contemporary dance routine. This genre of dance requires dancers to be flexible, strong and passionate. Chances are, you have already seen someone [...]

These Young Hip-Hop Dancers Performance Is Absolutely Incredible

It seems that another kid is becoming an internet sensation every week or month with his or her dancing skills. Well, children today are very talented and it’s easier for us to discover them because [...]

Kid Dances To “Uptown Funk” And Entertains The Whole Arena

Bruno Mar’s newest hit “Uptown Funk” is undoubtedly catchy, lively and can make any people dance. And currently, there are a lot of “Uptown Funk” performances making rounds on the internet. But those are nothing [...]

You’ve Probably Never Seen An Amazing Lion Dance Like This Before

I’m sure you are familiar with lion dance, a traditional dance in the Chinese culture which is usually performed on Chinese New Year or other important events like weddings, business openings and many more for [...]