Monday,21 January,2019
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Funny Ads

Someone Invented This Insane Face Blanket To Help People Sleep Comfortably

We are now living in the generation where a lot of people are extremely obsessed on making their lives comfortable. Of course, we all wanted to have a comfortable life but we don’t want to [...]

“Emma, Stop using paper. Everyone’s using the tablet.”

If you were thinking that this is a video about a busy woman, you would definitely correct yourself after watching this video. This is not all about a hardworking or a loving woman who is [...]

I don’t mind my expensive car. Life is about family and friends :)

In this video, we could see a guy driving his flashy car. When he got out from his car, he was welcomed by one of the staffs in the hotel. Then, the staff was tempted [...]

Don’t know if these are just really weird, or I screwed up my medication this morning. OMG this is really Hilarious.

Every establishment or company has its own way of selling its products. Some make use of advertisements on TV or other social media networking sites. Technology also has aided companies to effectively sell their products [...]

This is totally the funniest, most creative, and the best car commercial I’ve ever seen! Genius!

Stability at all times! This is actually the slogan of this Mercedez-Benz commercial and it definitely has it! By using chickens as their models for this advertisement, the company has actually nailed excellence and uniqueness. [...]

Funny. What are the odds of this happening in to your life?

According to Merriam Dictionary, acupuncture is an originally Chinese practice of inserting fine needles through the skin at specific points especially to cure disease or relieve pain (as in surgery).  It involves the use of [...]