Monday,21 January,2019
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Top 5 Brain Fuel Foods That Can Help Improve Brain Power -Amazing

The human brain is the command center for the human nervous system. This organ require a healthy, balanced diet for peak performance. Be sure that you are supplying your brain with the recommended daily allowance [...]

This scientific study by the USGS will definitely change the way you look at your own poop.

I know the headline is a bit funny so I’ll go straight at it– There Is Gold In Your Crap! or your poop… or your… You get what I mean. Literally. And scientists are establishing [...]

Kids Trying To Dress Themselves For The First Time

There’s something undeniably cute about watching kids trying to dress themselves – because they just can’t help but mess it up. Hell, I’m a grown ass man with a wife and a kid and I’m [...]

Best Friends Sneak Into A Movie Theater Using One Person. How They Did It Will Surprise You.

What’s the craziest thing you have done with your best friend? These best friends Bo Johnson and Mathew had a life-long dream of sneaking into a movie house using a one set of clothing. And [...]

Turtle Dance With The Beat Of “Shake It Off”- Very Funny

Turtles are cute; some people take turtles as a pet which is illegal in some countries to have a turtle pet. It’s easy to take care of a turtle pet. Turtles are reptiles of the [...]

Here Are The 30 Things You Can’t Avoid But Look Forward To When You Turn 30—Funny & Terrifying!

When you were a little child, there is nothing to worry about. You can sleep and play all day. And I don’t see why some kids want to grow up so fast. They can’t wait [...]

8 Struggles That Are Just Too Real For A Girl Having A Tall Boyfriend

Height, they say, is never a big deal when it comes to relationship. For women, having a tall partner can make them feel more feminine and protected. They think dating or having a tall boyfriend [...]

Here Comes The King Of Twerking: Meet Bugoy Cariño Dancing “Twerk It Like Miley” With Ella Cruz

Rogel Kyle Cariño Jr. (born September 3, 2002), better known as Bugoy Cariño, is a Filipino child actor. He joined Star Circle Kid Quest, a television search for young talented kids, in 2009 and emerged [...]

One Of The Best Filipino Reactions During The Miss Universe 2015- Can’t Stop Laughing

Miss Universe 2015, the 64th edition of the Miss Universe pageant, was held on 20 December 2015 at the The AXIS in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Paulina Vega of Colombia crowned her successor Pia Wurtzbach [...]

Professional Racer Pretends To Be Sales Girl And Pranks Customers With Epic Drifting Skill

Many people said that girls cannot drive their cars really well which means that guys are better than them. But this statement is already old as ladies nowadays can do what men can do. After [...]