Monday,21 January,2019
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What Does The ideal Man Looks Like Across The Globe? Here Are The Different Beauty Standards Put On Men In Different Nations

The female form has long been the topic we’re constantly talking. We talk about the perceived beauty standards for women across nations, but what about men? How do different nations perceive the “ideal male” form? [...]

Awesome Smartphone Photography Tips To Capture Flawless Photos

Many people are using smartphones today since it has great features, you can download games and, of course, it has a nice camera perfect for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter photos. If you love taking pictures [...]

Simple Travel Photography Tips That Every Traveler Should Know

When travelling, we always want to take beautiful photos to post on our blog, social media accounts or even in our portfolio. Our pictures would be the best souvenirs we can keep from our trip. [...]

Brave Models Pose Next To Grizzly Bear For Bizarre Photo Shoot

Most woman have been dreaming of becoming a model  someday- to pose for magazines or be a commercial model. But of course, being a model is not quite easy. They have to undergo training, workshop [...]

7 Funky Photography Tips You Can Try On Your Next Shoot

A photographer doesn’t really need an expensive stuff to take good photos because sometimes, they only need to be a little bit creative and imaginative. By making use of the things around you, you can [...]

15 Amazing Aerial Photos That Show How Beautiful The Earth Really Is

It’s no doubt that the Earth is filled with so many stunning places. We are just lucky that we got the chance to see some of them even just on photos. But have you ever [...]

These Photos Are Not Photoshopped And They Are Real Just As You See It

Some photos are really mind tricking. Some looks appear when actually it’s not while some look fake but it’s actually real. So, if you think you are being tricked by the photos below, I will [...]

Photoshop Artist Replaces Flower Bouquets With Flying Cats In Wedding Photos

I’m sure that you are familiar with the wedding tradition where single women dive for the bride’s bouquet, hoping that they are going to be the one who will walk down the aisle next. Of [...]

These 10 Photography Tips Are Cheap But Will Help You Take Flawless Photos

We know that camera equipment are expensive, but we don’t have to buy those in order to take beautiful pictures. We just need to be creative and be resourceful. There’s no need for us to [...]

Celebrate Life with These 12 Before-And-After Absolutely Beautiful Photos Of Fall Season.

They said fall is the dream season for photographers because during that time, they can capture gorgeous colors of tree. They can take a photo of leaves with brilliant shades of color like red, yellow, [...]