Monday,21 January,2019
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Best Reaction Of Macroeconomics Professor When He Found Out It’s Just A Prank From His Students

In a classroom situation, teachers usually set some rules and regulation for the students to follow. Students should behave according to the following guidelines at all times. School rules are really necessary and very important [...]

Funny Prank: Answering Phone Calls In The Public So Loud

What must be the proper way of answering phone calls? Should it be in a low, moderate or high tone? It might also be depends on how the mood of conversation you have in the [...]

Kids Hilariously Prank The Driver With Invisible Rope

You’ve never successfully pulled off a prank if your victim was not tricked. A successful prank is when you make someone believe on something that is not actually true. There are so many ways to [...]

Man Falls Asleep At The Office And Gets Pranked By His Officemates

Working at a call center company is not easy. You have to struggle to stay awake especially when your working hours start late at night or early in the morning. However, this man could no [...]

Professional Racer Pranks Driving Teachers With Her Insane Driving Skill

First day of work can really be both fun and tough. You have to adjust on your environment first, socialize with workers or clients and familiarize with the job. But for these driving instructors, their [...]

These Office Pranks Could Be The Meanest Surprise You Can Give To Your Work Buddies

If you are planning to go on a vacation and take a leave from your work, think twice first. You’re officemates might probably planning for a big surprise when you get back. A surprise that [...]

What makes these people happy lurks just in the corner– and it’s inspiring!

Spread happiness. Be happy always since happiness is a choice. It is a state that you must pursue so that you would not regret in the end. Happiness is a state of mind. If we [...]

6 Elevator Pranks that are Insanely Funny

So far, this is the best in making us laugh. The video will make us laugh from the very beginning up to the end. When you want to get a good laugh at the start [...]

The crew giggled a lot upon hearing that this guy was speaking in Filipino

Fast food chains are located around the world. These fast food chains have amazed millions of people. There are several fast food chains around the world that are considered to be popular because they have [...]

With great beard comes great responsibility!

It is nice to be a child especially when you got to spend quality time with your family. You would be able to feel the love of your parents since they were really very caring [...]