Sunday,20 January,2019
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Want To Know If Your Crush Likes You? Then This Video Will Tell You The Signs

Having a crush is one of the best human experiences in the world. When you’re hopelessly infatuated with someone, your happiness seems immeasurable every time you see him, right? You even spot him from a far distance because of his physical features. And most of all, you didn’t realize your friends are tired of how much you bring him up in the conversation.

But sometimes the thought of knowing if your crush feels the same way too came across your mind too. Does he like you? And how your heart sinks every time you saw him talking to someone else. How do you know your crush likes you back? Watch the video below and discover some signs to know if your crush likes you too just as much as you like him.

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(h/t: BuzzFeedViolet)

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