Sunday,20 January,2019
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Love Expressed at a Shipwreck in a Depth of 95 ft… Marvelous!

Love makes a man so creative that even marriage proposal can be executed in the deepest part of an ocean. This means that love is indeed unfathomable as the ocean. Well, this is one-of-a kind marriage proposal. Shall we call it “enviable”. This is contrary to the usual candlelit dinner prepared by a man to win his girlfriend’s sweetest, “Yes, I will marry you”. Who would ever think that this man could risk his life just to propose to his bride-to-be? Well, we call it the magic of love.

RYAN’S Wedding Proposal to Shaun

As Ryan breathed in the regulator, probably he was thinking how Shauna would react to her wedding proposal. Would they be able to seal their love with a kiss after all? Yes, they just did it in the water. Perhaps when they just looked at each other’s eyes without saying any word, they have captured each other’s emotions. Or, that piece of message he wrote was just enough to tell the world how great his love is. 

In fact, she kissed him. But what if’s would happen. What if after all the things Ryan has done for the proposal, Shauna would say “I am not ready and I can’t marry you”. Well, he would probably gasp some air. And it’s true…Love really involves some risks.

But it just turned out to be unique and beautiful. In fact that Diamond head Crater in Oahu, Hawaii has witnessed how these couple complete each other. Ryan has just made it almost perfect in the water. Perhaps, it is one of the many great proposals in the world.

Well, marriage proposals can be so extreme than this. Men might try other ways of proposing to their girlfriends in such a way that it would draw out a big “Yes” from their heart. Some might agree on this but what makes marriage more exciting is simply LOVE.

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