Tuesday,1 January,2019
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A Raging Civilian Pulls Knife On Officer, What The Police Officer Did Will Surely Melt Your Heart

The culture in Thailand is so much different. The people there practice respect. The actions they do still reflect on the honor of their family. A place where the locals do and never have a fear of surroundings, and have never come across a person that was not polite and respectful, even when the tourists are asses.

Sometimes what you need to do is to give compassion and grace when you see someome in distress. If more people just listened to each other and not always assume the worst in others, the world would definitely be a better place.

This video gives the impression that some officers are compassionate for people.

Hugs are so underrated. Everyone needs them, and it’s awesome to give them. If only world leaders would hug it out. Sometimes all it takes to defuse a situation is the willingness to listen without judgement.

This police officer don’t shoot first and ask questions later. The officer could see that this man was suffering and at the end of his rope. He acted with compassion and quickly de-escalated the situation, saving this man’s life. He is a true hero.

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