Sunday,20 January,2019
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This got my day going. The photos and video are beautiful.

“Serendipity”- This is true for Clark Little, a renowned surf photographer, who did not plan to be a photographer but was catapulted to beautifully capture the shorebreaks after realizing that he wanted to emulate his wife’s purchased wall art. But what makes this man different is his intense passion to capture monsters of the sea- the waves.

Surf Photographer Clark Little on Staring Down Shore break to Get the Perfect Shot

Feeling the passion, Little has emerged as a pro in the waves photography and become heavily respected fixture in his field. Amidst danger of being slapped and hurt by the waves, this guy didn’t stop to pursue what really his heart’s desire. It was awe-inspiring to think that this guy faced too many obstacles before capturing a wonderful picture of the shorebreaks.

Little’s passion is indeed inspiring for some people who have stopped pursuing their passion. Some might have forgotten to pursue their dreams because of the fear of being tossed by trials.  Others might have just settled for what is mediocre for they have not seen that there can be more to life than to settle for mediocrity. Moreover, some have just been bruised by trials and adversities that they feared to experience the same things again. Then, they did stop dreaming!

Knowing our passion and pursuing it is probably one of the greatest things that will make us happy. Sometimes, we do not even plan to become what we want to be. It just came out from what has come out from our heart. When this time happens, do not forget to grab every opportunity. Capture your dreams like they were breathtaking waves that would inspire other people. Own them as if they were your babies.

We will never know what is in store for us but what makes us even better is the idea of not stopping to dream for ourselves. As Clark Little said, “He is ambitious”.

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